Saturday, 1 May 2021


 There is a difference with being aware and being able to analyze the awareness. The implications over ones selfish or self actualizing goals. Guyana is in danger from its adversarial approaches at the ethnic and political levels .

So much is in our favor, yet we would destroy it all. 

Guyana's destruction is the real danger.  

Once the articles have been introduced there is no turning back from the mayhem. This country has killed its fellow citizens for political motives since in the nineteen fifties. It may have been a little bit here and there. But today, if it were to happen again, it would be as the Rwanda Masscres. Over seventy years of pent up frustrations being burdened upon geneartions after generations. Many faults based on false impressions carried down from decades.

Perhaps, it is time for a new gasp of air.

A long time ago, Forbes attended a Commonwealth Conference in Montreal, before returning to Guyana he stopped by in Toronto. His interactions brought much excitement among his countrymen and women. He promised to maintain an association with the audience.

A few years later, there was a social event in Toronto sponsored by the Government of Guyana. I was invited. The group from the government comprised of several Afro-Guyanese and one lone Indo-Guyanese, Cammie Ramsaroop.

As the evening progressed,  Afroes gravitated to the Afro representatives of the government. Naturally, the Indoes congregated with Cammie Ramsaroop. The Consular-General, an Afro-Guyanese, being trained in diplomacy moved from group to group making sure everyone was having an enjoyable evening. He lingered to listen in.

With Cammie Ramsaroop, the Indoes entered confrontional conversations. Cammie, in his jovial demeanor would offer his opinions with Guyanese addage at the end of each comment.

There were phtographs taken, lots of it.

Soon after that event, I would visit Guyana. Upon entering my village and gathering with friends. I was asked, "since when you joined the Peoples National Congress". The PNC had published the photograph of the Indians present at the gathering. And I was deemed a PNCite from association. This was a time when overseas voting was allowed. And PNC activists supposedly voted for Indians living in Foreign Countries.

So far, I have not been a member of any Political Party. If anything I would be tempted to join a BRAND NEW GROUP with no baggages. I have tried with the PPP, PNC and the AFC to offer ideas of possible solutions to problems associated with communities. It is not easy dealing with Indoes and Afroes who has power. So, it is not like prejudices prevails. It is more like the lack of interests to do better for the impoverished.

Because I am a Guyanese, I have the interests of both the Peoples National Congress and Peoples Progressive Party. They comprised the government in the past and will for the future.

The big question, how can these organizations be shifted to the interest of the common man.

The Peoples Progressive Party has always been overly confident of forming a government in it entire history. From this position, changes to its policies and governance is not forthcoming. Their support base is rigid and perhaps intolerant-hostile to anyone who differs that being Indians.

The Peoples National Congress, definitely is an Ethnic Political Party. But, the accomodation of an Indian participation is strong with limiations-and has always been that way.

The creation of the Peoples National Congress in 1955 saw several Indians moving from the PPP into the Burnhamite PPP. They shared common views with Forbes and perhaps were the Moderates. The Extremists would remain with the Jaganite PPP, those who seriously challenged the Americans and British with a Soviet agenda. Interestingly, many Afroes with the PPP remained with the Jaganite PPP.  

The Indians politically involved with Forbes somehow never rose to the top of the PNC. Forbes continued over the years to garner support from individual prominent Indians but never from the rural communities. Those prominent Indians provided legality to his questionable governance. 

During this period, Africa was on the rise and its Indian populations were marginalized. 

Guyana took on Pan-Africanism. Forbes in this period leaned towards the Muslim Community,  Indian looking but not as the majority of Hindus. With the muslim populations of Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and others in Africa, perhaps, there was the acceptance. And then, the quest of diplomatic ties with  the Arabic World.   

With all that was perbetrated, a few Indians, as it is said, crossed the floor to the PNC side of the legislature. Two comes to mind, Vincent Teekah and Ranji Chandisingh.

My point, Indians always makes the effort of having a meaningful role in the governance of Guyana.    

The elections of 1992 placed the PNC in the position of never a hope to form the government again. For they have never fairly won an election. 

After 23 years of PPP governance and complaints from a portion of the electorate. The emergence of Alliance for Change would throw their support behind the PNC.

In 2014, at a gathering in Toronto, in the audience were more Indo-Guyanese than Afro-Guyanese. The Indians who made public comments to David Granger, all stated their joy to share in his vision of a united Guyana. 

Once again, Indians were going to take a chance for respectful governance of their country.

I briefly met David Granger at that meeting. If we were not interrupted, I would have said to him that his assent was due to the decades of prayers of the faithful.

I felt confident he was THE MAN. Because, he knew the battle was not against flesh and blood. 

The People National Congress has a solid support base of possibly thirty one seats. With that, on their own they cannot win. However, in Guyana's politics, there is that slim chance that atleast three seats are Guyanese and the other sixty two seats are compromised ethnically.

The APNU+AFC won in a slim election victory. Enough Indians had barely made it happened.

The inaugurations were like a Biblical Solomon taking the oath.

Indian participation waned from the inceptions.

Afro-Guyanese emerged with dominance. Indians were bypassed.

Indians of the AFC were not trusted. The AFC had become divided with Afro and Indo. Pro PPP and Pro-PNC.

Then the Presdient began his appointments, it was obvious it was a PNC regime again.

Not one Indian to be an Advisor he could not find. I concluded, the President does not know  Indians in Guyana. He has no associations with them.

And the President continued on his style of governance. Perhaps, the part of "against principalities" he has succumbed to. The Principalities are powerful.

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Letter Five

Anyone following previous elections in Guyana could have predicted the outcome of 2020 elections. I have said, it will be a sad day in Guyana, for whoever wins the looser will not take it lightly.

The outburst of two female politicians pretty well have summed up the future of Guyana. From the PPP came, "We know they doan like us." expressed by an Indo-Guyanese. On the PNC side, "Murderers, murderers, why you think these people will vote for alyuh." a passionate inquiry to the Indians confronted  by the Afro-Guyanese.

The future looks bleak.

 A compromise must come.

Honesty in Guyana annoys people, for everything is about race. So, I will say what I have to say without prejudice. Who vex can stay vex.

Race and culture comes first then nationalism. The rhetoric these days from the prominent Afro-Guyanese, it is okay to seize the country regardless that their group is approximate thirty percent of the population. This position and intent has been around for the last seventy years. Many with such wisdom have been received in the cemeteries of the land, their skulls with empty eye sockets and limbs is all that remains buried or dashed. Imagine the great amount of knowledge that exists in the graveyards, men with exceptional abilities, all dead. They failed their fellow Guyanese.

Today, individuals have presented themselves with this old idea. History has taught them nothing, even with the three and a half scores of years that have touched their lives. Mischievous old men. The massacre in Rwanda was prompted by men on the airwaves. We have all these views on the radio encouraging APNU to disregard laws and constitution and continue to govern without a mandate. Telling the few supporters on the streets their children, grand children and great grand children, future generations will thank this President for his decision . A bold move to incite a limited base to do criminal acts. We have had a Wismar, it never bothered the conscience of those involved. We have had a Son Chapman Incident as well.

It is very difficult for me to believe the majority Afro-Guyanese share the views of the street protesters and radio guests. The experiments with marginalization did not do any good for both the countries of Uganda and Fiji.

Men with such views needs to be shouted down.

It is all about the question of ownership or governance. If distrust is prevalent, then Partition would solve the problem of governance. Learned Afro-Guyanese have written of it in the past and contemporary thoughts suggests the same.

The history of the Afro-Guyanese is one of seasons of time. In a few days, it would be Emancipation Day for the year twenty twenty. Let the day be significant, those who share the idea of Partition, tell us Guyanese that you want your own country to govern. Let us talk about the divisions.

The country inherited six cultures. Independence-the State  provided  Flag and Anthem to rally us as Guyanese, for the land has been providing for us. The State is real but our state of mind discounts Attitudes towards fellow citizens.

A change must come. And for that to happen, both the Peoples Progressive Party and the Peoples National Congress have to surrender a great many points of view in the interests of the citizens. 


The People National Congress has the government and  they are going to stay there indefinitely unless a compromise is reached or forced out by International Pressures. It would be better for all that a Guyanese Solution is worked out.

Once, President  Desmond Hoyte informed his opponents, the army and police are his kith and kin. Bluntly, it is the army of the People National Congress. The judiciary and GECOM are under the control of Afro-Guyanese. There is not a single system that can mount any challenge. It was the same under President Burnham. If the intent of Afro-Guyanese is to govern permanently, then they should guarantee the civil rights of the Indo-Guyanese. The cries of PNC supporters on the streets is to marginalize the Indian population.

Any Change will certainly affect the Police Force and Army and every other government agencies and the Judiciary. It will be detailed as laws. The Afro dominance of those institutions will no longer exists, as it has in previous governments.   iiiiiii

Friday, 15 May 2020


These letter writers, all of them must know that things have changed in Guyana. Elections can be replaced with armed conflict, on both sides. And the citizens will all be defeated.
The Mingo fiasco has given the country an ideal opportunity to recognize what the future holds. 
To hand over to Jagdeo is to hand over Guyana's progress to a group of narrow minded indians representing the PPP. This party in its 23 years of governance did absolutely nothing for race relations, all their infra-structure work keeps tumbling down, never had plans for sustainable employment, power generation is a mess, judicial system is a tragedy for the poor man, no justice for those without PPP connections.
As for the Police and Army, the PPP NEVER demanded for non-Afroes to join. And put in place policies to ensure discriminations were not a hinderance to that policy. Now, they are concerned about the ethnic structure of the police and army. Any nation on the face of the earth will want intergration of the citizen defensive forces.
The PPP is not an originator of nation building ideas, dey juss flow wid what unfolds. The PNC neither is an originator of sound policies.
David A. Granger has been considered to be a God-fearing man, a  military strategist and tactician. Perhaps, with those attributes he intends to mold Guyana a new destiny. I am certain he knows the Almighty and how powerful He is, even though invisible to him. Is that his strategy?
I am hoping he has the wisdom of Solomon, for it was King Solomon who united the twelve tribes of Israel. Guyana has only six tribes to deal with, we call Six Peoples of Guyana. 

Saturday, 4 April 2020


In history, some men rises to the occasion. In these times, Clairmont Mingo is THE MAN.
Clairmont Mingo is the name associated with this present fiasco, but there are others and many others behind him. These election events is equivalent to the fiasco of emanicipation. Talks and lots of talk between the abolitionists and the British Parliament and then the talks between the British Parliament and the Planters. No one was too keen on giving in to emancipation of the African Slaves in the British Colonies. Anxieties ran high in the slave communities. Rumors of freedom from the house slaves messaged down to the field slaves. For decades, only disappointments in waiting for that day to come. 
But that day did come, out of shame and shock.
In the colony of Demerara, on Planation Success, a God-fearing man was bonded to John Gladstone's Estate. He was a deacon in a church at Pln. Re-Sovenier, the neighboring plantation. His son, a skilled barrel maker was free to move around the plantations plying his trade. He took the news around the plantations concerning the progress of emancipation.
Frustrated by broken promises, the slaves became agitated.
A church meeting at Pln. Re-Sovenier, the slaves discussed the prospects of emancipation. The decision was the Demerara Slave Revolt. The planners enquired from the deacon his thoughts on the matter.
And Quamina agreed.
He was not involved in the revolt, yet his punishment was severe. The British Authorities deheaded him and displayed severed head and body at the Parade Ground.
The British Public read about the events. Apalled. Public opinion, boycott of British West Indian goods and Thomas Clarkson's endorsement of British India goods and commodities be purchased instead.
The public outcry and actions was the decision maker for the House of Commons.
The named Quamina is around several places in GT, perhaps as a reminder to Guyanese. 
Today, it is Clairmont Mingo. 
Perhaps, for a moment he is demanding that we think of the consequences, even though he is wrong in his actions.
We need an emanciption of the minds. For generations we know that this country needs an inclusive government.
This is the time for it, let there be a public outcry 

Monday, 23 March 2020


An Open Letter.

To My Brother-in-Christ, David Arthur Granger.

My formative years were in a wonderful progressive village, Rosignol. Those years molded principles of life upon a solid foundation. "Doing the right thing", stressed by village mentors.

Be principled.

Events of 1955, brought to the forefornt of daily living, race issues throughout the colony. In that wonderful place of Negroes, Indians, three Chinese families, a Frenchman, a Portuguese family, Mulatto, Dougla, Mixed People of Chinese, Indians and Negroes, people shared. And to everyone, the people of African decent were referred to as Cousins, out of respect.

Kind and wonderful villagers became suspicious of their neighbours on the issue of race.

The Distrust that followed has always be troubling to me. Words, hateful thoughts and the actions of unconscionable men and women resulted in the loss of lives and property.

We failed to treat our neighours as we would hope for them to treat us.

Time gives us unique moments and we have had a few over the decades.

When Forbes, took over the country, he failed to govern in the interest of all the people. Instead, he failed the principles of the state of one people one nation one destiny. Many departed. Those that remained faced prejudices from the ardent supporters of Forbes. The first failed opportunity

After twenty eight years, in nineteen ninty two, came Cheddie. Years in opposition, he learn't nothing and so he brought nothing to the country to ease the Distrust when he took over. He too failed-the second failed opportunity.

The Janet and Jagdeo years only further more Distrust. They both presented Sam Hinds to the Afro-Guyanese seriously as someone who will never be the President of Guyana because he had no clout in the Peoples Progressive Party. The third failed opportunity.

The organization of the PPP squandered twenty three years of time to heal the most important division in the nation. That affects stability and progress.

The emergence of David Arthur Granger.

The Peoples National Congress, an organization known for moderates and extremists in relation to Guyanese of Indian decent. Whether mystical, pre-destined or prophetical, the PNC gave you David, their Mantle to stand in arena of Guyanese politics and present your principles and vision to every Guyanese.

In your wisdom , APNU to bridge the divide.

My prayers for decades, like so many other Guyanese all over the world, "Please Lord, let my country find Your Peace."

I saw on Social Media, your prayerful position seeking the Lord on your knees. Your words were silent. And I prayed that the Lord favors you. Because He knows your heart. Men and women felt your honesty, home and abroad. I prayed, we should meet to share the zeal for the Lord and to encourage your efforts to do the right things for Guyana.

How was I to meet you.

Some weeks later, I received word that you were coming to Toronto on a Breakfast Meeting. Living seventy miles away required me to leave home early for the journey to Toronto. So, I made my plans but there were continual efforts not to sell me a ticket for the Breakfast Meeting. First, there were lots of interest from people in Toronto and I was living too far away.  I said to the Lord, "I am entrusting all of this to you O'Lord." Then, there was caution that if I were to be late I would not be allowed in. After a week, I gave up not receiving the ticket. I received a call from one of the organizers, that I am  guaranteed a ticket when I arrived at the venue.

On that day, we briefly met, shaking hands. We started to chat. Suddenly, there was a commotion in the hall. The entourage of Moses Nagamootoo had arrived. We were interrupted.

I listened to your words. There was a vision for every man, woman and child for several generations. You were the leader, the Statesman, the Builder of a Nation with Justice on your mind. A man with the Wisdom of Solomon to serve a troubled country.

After the elections, on social media I saw your attendance at worship services.

After victory, I saw the swearing in ceremonies at Parliament Buildings. The event had the tones of a Righteous Man taking the oath to do Honor and Justice in the Sight of God 

That was all on track for the groundwork to fulfilling your vision.

News of your decisions and actions were contrary to the audible words you made in public. Nothing that seems to heal a nation. You were in the counsel of the ungodly.

I asked myself, how could I have been so wrong.

You became a mole in the APNU for the PNC when you should have risen to the challenge of a Shepherd to the troubled six races of people of Guyana.

Both, you and I, knows that God never makes a mistake. He is sure to leave remnants as reminders to prayerful requests. He left Noah for a new world in Enoch's request. He saved Moses to lead the Jewish people as a promise to Abraham.

Once again, Guyana is in the throes of racial conflicts and disturbances.

I am the remnant to you, not for Guyana. Your words of righteousness and the good life to the people of Guyana came from you. And the electorate gave you the opportunity to do right by them.

The godly men that surrounds you should uphold you in righteousness.

Your words to the people of Linden, " For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

It is said, when a God-fearing person receives the words from God, he hear the words in the voice of his mentor. In the case of Samuel, he heard Eli's voice when God called him. For me, immediately my thoughts goes back to my youthful days of the village mentors..

When you seek God, examine your immediate thoughts.   

There isn't an easy solution for the current situation Guyana. You need to ask for the wisdom of Solomon. Not the PNC, for they will not  give you the answers to please the nation.

For the Afro-Guyanese, I understand their fears and distrust of the Jagdeo cabal. Likewise the fears of Indo-Guyanese are real believing that rights and justice lies with their vote. Good leadership quells all fears, doubts and distrust. And Guyana lacks that.

These are trying times for the entire world and God in His word tells us of these time, Isaiah 26, verses 20 and 21.

God Bless you my Brother.

Velutha Kuttapen

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Letter One

Fellow Citizens.
It is time we take issues with the Indo thing –the Afro thing – and the Amerind thing.  Governments we’ve had, failed miserably in taking the country in the direction of Nationalism –the pride of belonging to a country. Every government fostered their relationship with the citizens as communities within a community. Be it race or religion. They played the game of quiet division – priding themselves with photo opportunities giving meager handouts – house lots, boat, gifts for cultural events, etc, etc, etc,. The citizens of this country own all the lands and all the resources on it.
Why must we grovel for what is ours?
Guyanese of every race whether at home or abroad would say, “If only the people could see beyond race, Guyana could be a paradise to live in.” One would believe that we never in our life or history ever transcend racism. But we have. Seldom, but we have for moments forgotten our racism.  Think of the times at Bourda, where together, we cheered our cricketing heroes throughout the decades when the scourge of divisional politics came upon us. Similar to the curses of Pandora’s Chest.
In this decade, think of the times when Shivnarine Chandrapaul - at the wicket with his bat. Strokes and blows to the leather chasing a century at a fast pace. The crowds roar with excitement, swept away in the magic of the moment. Everyone at the stadium, television or radio knows, that’s a Guyanese on glory’s trail. The proud moment exclaimed in chants of his name. Not, “Shivnarine Chandrapaul”, instead it is “Chanders”. A name coined by all races of Guyana for their cricketing hero.
For an on-looker, familiar with the reasons of our hatefulness, moistness must come to his or her eyes. Not so much for Chanders’ glory, but to actually see our countrymen and women, for a brief moment forget about their difference.
I want to capture that moment with you. I want to get you to listen to the promise of the future - a glorious future of a better standard of living. And a just society.
I call on all who want to voice, but are quiet. I call on all those who have religiously written in the letter columns of the newsprint – GHK Lall, Leon Suseran, Maxwell, Kissoon, Chris Ram, Golsarran and the many others who have etched their pains, sorrows and dismays with ink on paper. I have read many of my countrymen comments over decades. I call on Tacuma Ogunseye. I call on ACDA.  Mr. Norton you cannot be idle. Karen De Souza and Clarissa Reihl your previous efforts must not be discounted in a movement that seeks a unified opposition. Many of you have been there in the past. Clinton Urling and the Blue Caps movement. The women whose works are beneficial to the abused in our society. Your desires for a better country that cares.
It is time again.
Our country needs a turning back. It has been heading the wrong way since 1953.
I am extending my hand to you, I ask you to take it. When you take it, I will not walk ahead of you. I shall join your ranks. Side by side we will walk – together we will forge our future. And you will be an active part of it.  It is not impossible for such an effort.
 And the deliverer of the Israelites enquired from God and He answered, “Is there anything too hard for Me to do.”      
We cannot escape the Racism that exists in this country. And to say, it is not there, is to fool one self. In particular, we have Guyanese who write continually on the marginalization of Afro-Guyanese. At the current trend, I cannot predict when this nation will be able to embrace itself with the races of people we proudly say we have in our midst. But we must do what we must do to develop a country for all.  We have seen political parties that have trampled on the civil rights of ethnic groups in our history. And we never know when again such men would come out of the woodwork and receive approval of their constituents.
If you have no political affiliations or disillusioned with the current state of this country or you have abandoned a current political party because of indifference to its leadership. This is an invitation to you.
This is a call to every Guyanese.
At no time in our history has this country been so ready for a change. Our representatives still toy with communism, socialism and cronyism or whatever suits their fancies. Failing miserably at providing a system of government that do good for the citizens. Instead of speaking to the needs of the citizens, these Guyanese international speakers glorify the achievements of other nations-not realizing that it was men and women with vision that charted the rise of such countries. In Guyana, our government on all occasions do everything possible to drown out the voices of citizens who want to make their country a better place. Perhaps, it is only lip service they peddle at home and abroad.
Two question needs to be asked. Is there anyone coming to rescue Guyana from the sixty four years of divisional and opportunistic politics? The other question. Will you the multitude of impoverished citizens be willing to change from the inside? Setting aside physical appearance. Choosing the correct path for a country that you will leave behind for your children and the children yet to come after you have departed this life. Our lives are interwoven, yet as Guyanese we live as communities within a community. It is the culture we fashioned for ourselves and culture is in the mind.  When the mind is changed, then the culture will change.
This is your moment to stop the wholesale giving away of your inheritance. Our own takes advantage of our indifferences.
Choose well.
For we are a people given the blessed inheritance of fertile ground- rich with minerals, vast forests and water ways teeming with life. Our forefathers had arrived here by different boats from continents and cultures we can only read about. But today, we are all in this boat we proudly call Guyana - the same boat. Unknowingly, a unique culture was fashioned for us and every verse of our National Anthem reminds us of it. The colours on our national flag display our diversity.
And from time to time, we are told by those who govern us, we are One People, One Nation with One Destiny. Those who say so, have not demonstrated the true meaning of those words. As an impoverished people, you are busy trying to survive in a country that cares less about poverty and caring of the aged. Lacking the desires of offering a better standard of living to the citizens.
For five of the races - our presence on this land is fairly recent in comparison to the Native People-first to arrive out of the Old World into this New World. Living uninterrupted for thousands of years before adventurous Europeans imposed themselves among them. Later, Gold, Greed and God mingled in their midst-inflicting severe hardships for those who were brought here from West Africa, The Azores, China, Calcutta, Madras and Bombay.
As a nation, you overcame adversities by conscientious action-Slave Rebellions, Emancipation, Labour Unrest, Independence and many more trials.
Political Independence was never about the end of adversities - instead of foreign, we now have to contend with our own homebred elites.
So, my fellow countrymen.
This is just another adversity we have to overcome. Remove an old political system riddled with careless and doan care individuals.
Once, not so many years ago I boarded a flight out of Timehri. Thirty thousand feet in the air, I opened the BWIA magazine. There, I read of a man who lived in England that had travelled the Hinterlands of British Guiana. I did not read twice. For it is true for every Guyanese, no matter where we live. I would learn the meaning of the Amerindian word “Timehri”-the mark of the hand. The writer reflected on the drawings etched into the rocks, depicting the way of life of the native people of Guiana. Our history is incomplete without theirs - for they have treasured these lands for thousands of years. They are not a culture. They are a civilization.
The writer continued, “For the produce of the ground (Guyana) nourished my body and my thirst quenched by its streams.”
Reflections on that article caused me to be grateful for growing up in Guyana.
I remembered the countless individuals of my village, they were role models with encouraging words.
Many gone from this life.
I cannot drown that article out of my head. Neither can I surrender the goodness and kindness of those who have invested in me and others like me in the multitudes of village that make up Guyana. That was a time in Guyana when we had something of value.
It is time to care again.

Velutha Kuttapen.

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

A Fresh Start - Part Two

With God all things are possible, it is no secret what He can do.

The country needs a neutral force with calm spirits.

The two groups of Pastors announcing their intentions of contesting the election should be the Lord's agent. God knows we desperately needs His interventions, otherwise we are heading into trouble

The leadership of this country definitely has a problem. Guyana seems destined not to have a peaceful existence. The extremists have brought us to  a very troubling destination in our existence as an independent nation.

Is it possible for God to intervene in the hearts of the voting public?

It has been said, with God anything is possible. And I hope he saves this country from the unrighteousness that unfolds every day. The few things that politicians do, will amount to ten percent of a citizen's life. The remaining ninety percent are the trials of life.  Citizens reactions to the political assertiveness of the selected or elected few.

If you dream of better days then let us dream together.

Don't you think you deserve to find a wonderful place in the world? If you were to immigrate, you will certainly seek to build a life. That dream is possible right here in Guyana

This present trend that we are on, creates a further distrust among the two major ethnic groups.

Just review the reactions of fellow citizens. Listen to the rhetoric of both sides. All creatures are endowed with a spirit, the spirits that dwells with God and imparted in the animate and inanimate. Our politicians seems to have lost that spirit of goodwill. Why the anger?

There is an offer of an alternative. It is the future that takes you on a march to progress.

Guyanese needs to consider the Pastors efforts for a calmer alternative..

It is important to put the interest of the country first. It is a choice, you as citizens of this land have to make. It is my desire that such a type of governance will lessen the dominance of one race over the other.

Our history has not been one of trust.

There is no need for re-capping- you have lived it and so did your fore-fathers.

The vision is to build a society that projects to the future.

A society where our youths are naturally ushered in, with a purpose-something of value- a country-yes, this land of many waters, Guyana.

The value of adding to a continual effort of making life better for this generation and the generations to come.

To be born in Guyana is a privilege of the Almighty. Our fields will flourish and our citizens would be generous to the impoverished of the world.

This is the task of our youths for the future is theirs.

A leap of faith.

Hate and hate will get us nowhere.

Hell is not too distant from heaven.

It is a wonderful thing to find your place in this world.

Time has a mysterious kindness, it always gives back to us what we have lost through wisdom and memories. Life gives us moments. Let this particular moment be that you choose a new path.

Tell yourself the truth and you would have shamed the devil. For words and thoughts are audible to God.  God hears your complaints-the response should be, do something about it.

We think of it, like it, want it, but are not moved to make it happen. We all want a peaceful progressive tolerant country. There is plenty for all us and extras for the poor of the world.

The aim is to unify, embrace our differences, be safe and secure, must be able to trust your government, limits of individualism, window of acceptance.

Activate the better angels of our nature.

For our past steps are on the heels of the present, extreme inequality.

Power and dominion lays in the hands of the impoverished, yet they fail to realize their importance.

Perhaps, they feel they have only one vote, and insignificant. Collectively, it is a power beyond imagination and abundance of possibilities of a caring society.

For decades that has been the dilemma of the Guyanese people. And every election a new party emerges with possible solutions.

This time around it is The Pastors.

One People.
That is like your brother's keeper. It should be the conciousness of all citizens.
In this country, laws are transgressed upon some citizens simply on their ethnicity. If you are not part of  that community, such transgression  have no significance to you. This ought not be. Injustice upon one of your fellow countrymen is equally an injustice upon you, for you are your brother's keeper.
As citizens, it is important that do your part of transforming Guyana where ONE PEOPLE  means every citizen is equal in the eyes of the law, the Guyana Police Force, the Guyana Defense Force and every politician in and out of Parliament. Let us achieve this by a change of attitude.

One Nation.
That is having pride in the land that nourished us. From the yield of the land to the streams that quench our thirst. That which we take for granted without any regards. We are the people.

This is the time, young electorate must emerge as the significant block of votes in order to change the trend of governance offered by the major political parties. They are predictable in their governments-prejudiced and corrupt. They have icons. Dead ones, Forbes Burnham and Cheddie Jagan.. They ignore the local man. They assume their prestige made them into gods living in the clouds, escaping the day to day trials and tribulations of the impoverished of the land.

It is the season of change. In unity there is strength.

While you young people do not know of Jagan or Burnham, your ethnic leaders takes you to their altars. Your future is sacrificed, they sacrifice you.

You are free of that past.history, so you must bond together to secure your rightful place as the future of Guyana.

The elections of 1953 gave British Guiana a unified voice to the nations of the world, mainly Britain and United States of America.

A British Colony with a history of prejudices among the races, labor conflicts and murder of sugar workers by the Colonial Police, under orders of the Sugar Producers Association.

A history of spilling the blood of its citizens, close to seven decades. The Elite Class of Moderates and Extremists, along with those of prejudiced opinions on racism sowed the seeds of Strife, Fear, Intimidation, eventually created the period referred to as the Disturbances where the lives of  innocent citizens were short lived.

The politicians of  1953 found a path they coined  "Class Struggle". It was believed such approach would eliminate the racial tendencies of the nation. Not long after, as early as 1955, the fabric of British Guiana torn into race factions resulting in a Constitution that promoted rigged elections and the dominance of one race over another. Such false sense of power resulted in poverty, and poverty prevailed regardless who held power under the flawed Constitution.

The fear of rigged elections is the pre-occupation of the electorate. If only, the citizens can be certain of the honesty of the Elections Commission.

One Destiny
It is your choice.

God Bless.
This is an encourage to The Pastors to make good their proclamation.